Flying is Slower than Driving

Michael with Blue Plane

In early December I had an opportunity spend the day with Chris Palmer from Homer, AK. We had met at the Redbird Migration in November and I invited him to fly with me when he was in California visiting with family. We had one of those special days flying and hanging out at the airport that will remain with me for a long time. Read what he wrote on his blog about our time together.

Flying is Slower Than Driving

Dancing among the bumpy air, aviators pierce the blue yonder not in hopes of arriving faster. Instead we air warriors embody the aviation experience as a whole. Soaking in every moment ensures the ultimate journey.

The typical flight consists of many nuts and bolts, both literally and figuratively, to ensure eventual success and safety. As my time as an aviator has unfolded over the years, the technical details are easier to manage. Many have become second nature. This opens up the door for a richer experience of simply enjoying the journey that is “aviation”.

You see, aviation is a fraternity- a brotherhood of sorts. To a deeper extent, sharing this passion for the freedom of flying aircraft is one that borders the spiritual realm. Man was obviously meant to walk the earth, yet I also contest it was our destiny as humanity to break the bonds of soil and shoe. Read the whole story here.

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