Advanced Instrument & Avionics Training

Whether you are flying a glass cockpit or an advanced GPS navigator, or are about to move up to some of the latest in aircraft avionics, initial and ongoing training is an investment that will allow you to maximize the utility and safety that these tools provide.

Over the past fifteen years I have had the opportunity to use and train pilots to understand and integrate many of the advanced avionics, available to the general aviation user, into their instrument flying and aviation toolbox. This training has included all Garmin WAAS and GPS units to include the G650 and G750 as well as the Garmin G1000 and G2000 avionics suites. I am also well versed in the Avidyne panels and the IFD Series navigator.

I am focused on offering you Customized Training designed for the type of aircraft that you fly, the avionics in your airplane and the types of mission that you fly whether it be VFR or IFR.

Listed below are some examples of the type of training that is available and regardless of what choice you make we will focus on improving your knowledge and comfort with the airplane and avionics that you fly in all types of flight conditions.

Normal Operations

This teaches the basic operation of your aircraft and avionics package. We will cover normal operations of the autopilot, short field take off and landings, go-arounds, high altitude operations, review engine management, steep turns, energy management, review stalls in different configurations, weather and IFR operations and much more.

Emergency Operations and Safety

We prepare you for most emergency situations; electrical, mechanical or weather related. This proactive program is a necessity for every pilot with caution and safety in mind. Beginning in early August we will be able to conduct the majority of this training in the Redbird SD simulator

Flying IFR

Maintain your currency, save money and fly approaches to planned destinations and never leave your home area. The Redbird Flight Simulator allows you to take advantage of the economy, efficiency and efficacy through the use of our Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) which is available at our Simulator Training Center at the Camarillo Airport.

Simulator Based Customized Training

Whether you fly a legacy panel, technically advanced aircraft or a G1000 avionics suite we can design customized training to fit your needs.This training will begin in our Redbird Flight Simulator where you will refine your skills, improve your confidence and then move to your airplane for a final tune-up.