Mentor Pilot

There are times when having another pilot along to make the trip less stressful and safer, or to meet insurance policy requirements, will make the difference between flying your own airplane, driving, or taking a scheduled carrier. You gain the experience and confidence that will make you a safer, experienced, competent pilot with the guidance and support of a seasoned aviation professional.

As an aviation educator I have had the opportunity to fly many different airplanes, through all types of weather and in every region of the United States and parts of Western Canada. This experience has given me the opportunity to fly with, and learn from, a wide range of pilots and personalities which makes it possible for me to adapt to almost all situations and personalities. In addition, I have a wide range of professional business and aviation experience which provides me with insight into the challenges experienced by many of the clients that I fly with as a mentor or during transition and recurrent training engagements.

Most of the mentoring that I do is focused on single engine turboprop aircraft and advanced avionics of all types. This is my passion and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Flying over Coastline

If you want professionalism mixed in with a healthy dose of humanity and kindness, then you’ve come to the right place! I had previously met Michael when he was the head of another flight school. Even though I was no longer a student there (I received my private pilot license in 2007), he was very generous with his time in discussing my impending purchase of a Cessna 210. But what really caught my attention was his passion and enthusiasm for aviation!

So when I needed to pick up my new “chariot” in Indiana, I asked Mike to go with me, not only for insurance purposes, but also knowing that I would learn much more about flying from him. And I was not disappointed!

We had an exciting (albeit overwhelming for me) two-day trip with a stop over in Santa Fe. Mike’s vast background with all kinds of pilots and planes gave him the room to allow me to experience everything directly without it being about him. To the contrary, I found his teaching method to be one focused on letting me learn by doing, with enough guidance to avoid me getting us into any trouble. Mike’s professionalism stands out and allowed me to grow as a pilot.

But no reference for Mike can be without addressing his humanity. In a world facing many challenges, and people becoming disconnected from one another through our electronic interfaces, Mike’s humanity is a breath of fresh air. Always positive with a good sense of humor. Two traits we should all have and admire.

Eric Jay Selter
Private Pilot
Camarillo, California