Simulator Programs

A simulator does not have to be exactly like the airplane you fly to make you a more proficient and safer pilot. The skills you learn and reinforce in the simulator easily transfer to the aircraft and avionics configuration that you fly.

Redbird Flight Simulator Training

The base aircraft for our Redbird simulator is the Cessna 182 which is available with advanced GPS systems equipped with WAAS or a G1000 Avionics Suite. We chose this airplane because it represents a solid middle ground of the majority of aircraft being flown in the General Aviation fleet today.

We also offer a Beechcraft A36 Bonanza with advanced avionics for the individual that flies a high performance, low wing single engine aircraft with retractable landing gear. For the multi-Engine pilot we offer a Beechcraft BE 58 Baron with advanced GPS WAAS avionics.

I can say first hand that the simulator adds an invaluable level of skill and precision to your flying abilities. I saw it play out first hand as I transferred skills from the sim to a real 182, it was very apparent how the simulator gives you the ability to pay attention to detail and improve your performance. In addition I was able to practice in situations that would be dangerous or not practical to replicate in real life (ie: emergency procedures, and bad weather etc). No matter what aircraft you fly I believe this is a very effective learning tool”.

— Chris Gilbert

Programs For All Skill Levels and Training Requirements

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)

  • Wing in the CloudsInstrument Rating Our Instrument Rating Syllabus is designed so that you complete the first twenty hours of your instrument training in the simulator. During this time you will master all of the necessary aeronautical skill, knowledge and experience required to comfortably complete the second half of your training in your airplane, or one of our training aircraft, and successfully pass the Instrument checkride guaranteed.
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) Already have an Instrument Rating? Using the simulator you can meet most of the requirements under the regulations. We will customize a program that utilizes the Redbird to get you back to a high level of skill that will then be tested in your airplane or one of our training aircraft.
  • Instrument Currency and Refresher Courses Maintaining your instrument currency just got a whole lot easier and less expensive. You do not need a safety pilot or instrument weather conditions. Schedule an hour in the Redbird SD and we will show you how effective this simulator can be in helping you maintain your instrument flying skills. Have your skills gotten a bit rusty? Need a refresher course? We can customize a workout program that will get you back in shape quickly, efficiently and economically.

Advanced Avionics Training and G1000 Mastery Course

Advanced Avionics Training

Learning new avionics and staying sharp after your initial training is best accomplished in the controlled environment that is available when training in a simulator. We will discuss and demonstrate how a unit will function and then you will have the opportunity to gain competence and confidence while applying everything you have learned flying scenarios that best demonstrate and reinforce what you need to know to successfully fly with these amazing tools.

Stepping up to a G1000 equipped airplane or already flying an aircraft equipped with this avionics suite? You can learn, explore and regularly reinforce all of the features and capabilities of the G1000 in our G1000 equipped simulator. It is absolutely the best way to master flying the Garmin G1000.

Emergency Procedure Course

Emergency Procedures Course

There is no better place to experience a system or control failure than in a flight simulator. The challenges that you will face are real and the experience that you gain from dealing with them will make you a safer, smarter and more competent pilot. You will have the opportunity to experience events and work on solutions in the simulator that are impossible or completely unsafe in an airplane. The experience gained is invaluable and in the unlikely event you should experience one of these events in the air, you will be prepared to deal with it.

Student Pilot Skill Development Course

Student Pilot Training

Thinking about learning to fly? We have developed a program that will take you through every step of learning to fly up to your first solo. Even though you can only log 2.5 hours of this training towards your Private Pilot Certificate, the experience you gain in this training will have you ready to demonstrate your proficiency to better than the standards in far fewer hours than the national average. Call for an appointment to learn more and explore if this approach to learning to fly would be right for you.

Insurance Recurrent Training

Insurance Recurrent Training

Is it time to renew your insurance? Does your carrier require recurrent training? If you can do part or all of your training in a simulator, this may be an option for you. Share the requirements of your carrier with us and we will consult with them to make sure that we meet each of the requirements for your situation.

Flight Review

Mammoth Airport Flight Review

Try something new as a part of your flight review which will qualify under the ground portion of the regulation. We use an FAA publication titled “Conducting an Effective Flight Review” as the foundation for the ground portion of the review and we integrate our flight simulator into several areas of the review. The flight portion must be conducted in an aircraft but this integrated approach can be fun and challenging.

Non-Pilot Flying Skills Course

Non Pilot Flying Skills Course

Not a rated pilot, but you spend a great deal of time in the right seat of an airplane. Would you like to be able to assist the pilot in case of an emergency? Handle the radio and other avionics in the airplane? We have a program that will provide the non-flying passenger with the skills and confidence to assist the pilot in the event they are incapacitated or need assistance in the event of an extraordinary situation.