Simulator Training

Learn it in the Simulator ~ Demonstrate it in the Airplane
is more than a tagline…

Max Horowitz joined his Uncle Steve for his first flight in a Columbia 400 and shortly after take-off looked over and said “my controls Uncle Steve” and began flying the airplane with a touch and finesse that was both surprising and impressive. He had developed these skills flying an airplane simulation on an iPad which when attempted by his uncle ended badly. We all know that it takes more than an iPad to learn to fly and to maintain our skills but even this is a testament to the power of simulation.

Ipad Cygnus App

There is no doubt that using a simulator as part of your training as a student pilot, adding instrument privileges to your certificate, refining instrument approaches and practicing emergency procedures will make you a more proficient and safer pilot. It will also allow you to train more often and save money in the process. This is definitely a winning combination for all pilots.

Michael Phillips has an incredible level of experience and knowledge including being a Master Instructor and a FAA Gold Seal Instructor. He has been instructing for over thirty years. His knowledge and teaching skills pushed me to my limits by taking me out of my comfort zone. I am not going to sugar-coat my feelings-there were several days that I was really frustrated. His academic format was challenging. However, Michael kept pushing and moving me closer to my goal. He mandated that I become proficient in all types of IFR procedures.

— Catherine

The experience that we have gained, over the past seven years, has proven time and again that the flight simulator is the best place to teach and explore skills and procedures required in the airplane. Once learned in the simulator we have seen them successfully demonstrated and reinforced in the “real world”.

If you fly with an iPad or want to learn how to include it as part of your flying, be it VFR or IFR, you can use your iPad in the Redbird simulator just as you would in the airplane. We combine the Redbird Corvus to increase the value of your simulator experience. It works with all of the   aviation apps designed for tablets.