Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)

Redbird Flight Simulator TrainingIn addition to the benefits of saving money, improved instrument flying skills, the ability to fly instrument procedures at airports that you plan to visit and regularly practice emergency procedures training on an AATD also allows you to log this experience for instrument currency, logged flight experience and logging time that counts for your Private Pilot, Commercial, Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and the Instrument Rating.

The following lists what the regulations allow you to log as a result of your training in the Redbird SD AATD:

§ 61.51(b(3)&(h) Logged Flight Experience
§ 61.57(c) Recent Flight Experience: Instrument
§ 61.57(c)(4)(iii) Recent Flight Experience: Instrument
§ 61.57(c)(5)(ii) Recent Flight Experience: Instrument
§ 61.57(d)(1)(ii) Instrument Proficiency Check, per Instrument ACS
§ 61.65(i) Instrument Rating: Up to 20 Hours
§ 61.109(k)(i) Private Pilot Certificate : Up to 2.5 Hours
§ 61.129(i)(1)(i) Commercial Certificate: Up to 50 Hours
§ 61.159(a)(3)(i) Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: Up to 25 Hours